Aloe Vera and Polysaccharides - The AloeForce Difference

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aloe vera polysaccharide
AloeForce is the only unheated, intact, whole aloe protecting all the naturally occurring polysaccharides and the natural structure of Nature's Aloe plant....liquified and stabilized and purified to deliver both the legend and the science of the magnificent aloe plant.
If the number of polysaccharides in an aloe product was the key to potency - we would not be here - and we would be taking freeze dried aloe capsules. But the fact that dried polysaccharides and small polysaccharides don't do very much. Carrington laboratories great research on OUR original unheated pure aloe - documented aloe's unique immune enhancing and regenerative beta-glucomannans. However, they also abandoned this research when their freeze dried version of the 'Acemannan' no longer worked better than placebo on the immune system (still had some limited anti-inflammatory properties).
This fact inspired me to make this original living, liquified, whole aloe vera available by founding Herbal Answers, Inc in 1995 to make our uniquely purified and potent AloeForce known and available to the public.
The number of polysaccharides has 'nothing' to do with an aloe's properties or potency or effectiveness. The concentrated and dried aloe's have lots more small polysaccharides but they are all isolated and  mainly are used as mild laxatives (as they also still contain toxic laxatives - whereas AloeForce is completely purified).
So our AloeForce will contain the maximum amount of all sizes of its polysaccharides and in the original 'structure' needed to keep them all whole and with its own biological vehicle to deliver them beyond the gut and get drawn to the immune cells calling out for fuel!
Aloe's potency cannot be determined by quantitative analysis, it is determined by its life force structures being intact.  When it comes to Aloe, the "whole" is greater than the sum of its parts. And only unbroken, raw, intact 'live'- aloe will maximize the number and sizes of its polysaccharides to deliver both the legend and the science of the fresh plant. 
When it comes to aloe - potency and effectiveness is in its 'wholeness' and its original 'structured waters' as closest to Nature is best!
Please read our website and Carrington lab's research, The Secret Promise and Dr Robert Davis 'Orchestra' article in our Aloe Research Library.

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