AloeForce® Juice - Herbal and Pure

Drinking AloeForce® Juices Best to drink on empty stomach - for optimal absorption before or between meals. Can be mixed with your favorite fruit juice or any cold beverage.  

Split Usage It is best to drink throughout the day in smaller divided amounts (at least 2-4 times a day). This helps it to be best absorbed and helps to keep it available in your system throughout the day and night.

How to Begin and Establish your own Usage

It is important to begin slowly and gradually work up to find the amount/usage that is right for you. This amount will depend on the number and severity of your health needs and will change as the systems of your body are supported and rejuvenated. (The bottle's cap is slightly less than one ounce.) ​  

• It is best to start out drinking a small amount (1/2 oz or less) 2 to 4 times a day.  

• Then increase (by 1/2 - 1 oz at a time) to the amount where your symptoms back off or you achieve your desired results.  

• Maintain this amount (several weeks or months) until you feel fortified and then slowly back off (by 1 oz at a time) to where you feel the benefits you have achieved are being maintained.  

• Maintenance usage/amount will be where you continue to maintain your optimal level of functioning. (This amount will vary along with internal and environmental stress.  

Beginning slowly is recommended to be able to establish your needs and also to allow your body to cleanse at a comfortable rate. Try to be aware of any "cleansing symptoms" (usually from your weakest system or from toxic buildup) e.g mucous breakdown (respiratory, digestive) or excess gas or diarrhea (digestive/colon) or feeling "off". If you are experiencing "symptoms" or find yourself saying "I can't drink this it gives me ____" try to drink plenty of water. Some people like to lower their usage/amount to cleanse more slowly while others increase their intake to help the cleansing (breakdown and elimination) process. Just remember "It" is not "giving" you diarrhea or "making" you gassy, but it may be stimulating the body's natural processes and producing an abundance of waste that needs to be eliminated -this is a "good" thing!

Nutritional Usage Established by Health Practitioners and Researchers

A small amount of this potent Herbal AloeForce® will exceed any traditional Aloe product or any single nutritional supplement. As a nutritional supplement, 1/2 to 1 ounce a day is all you may need to support your optimal health. As a therapeutic nutritional support, larger amounts may be warranted according to your body's needs:  

1. Average, healthy systems (occasionally symptomatic) 1-2 oz. once or twice a day (daily total of 1-4 oz)  

2. Weakened systems (often symptomatic) 2-3 oz taken 2, 3 or 4 times a day (daily total of 4-12 oz)  

3. Chronic symptoms, overburdened, stressed or weakened systems 3-4 oz, 3 to 4 times a day (daily total of 9-16 ounces)  

4. Use as desired. You cannot drink too much. ​  

You can also use additional Herbal AloeForce® Juice on an occasional basis to address particular needs:  

• as a digestive aid at anytime  

• during times of stress  

• to boost energy when fatigued  

• cleansing/detoxification  

• to support any bodily function To "boost" your systems -"boost" your usage. (follow chronic usage-when you feel "off" or your immune system is overburdened).

No Contraindications - Safe for Daily Use Herbal AloeForce® is great for infants, children of all ages, pets...  ​

Other uses: Nose drops or spray, ear drops, swish or gargle in mouth to soothe and promote healthy gums, etc. ​May also be inserted rectally (for colon and liver support) ​or vaginally to maximize localized absorption. 

The First & Only RAW-Purified Fully Effective AloeVera

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