About AloeForce Products by Herbal Answers

We are the only producers of Bio-Protected™, "live", RAW, whole Aloe Force Juices and Skin Gel. We are happy you found us and are certain that the information you seek on Aloe, (the answers you didn’t even know to ask), are here for you. And YES, this information can really change your life!  

In this site you will discover... Why the Aloe Vera Plant is the Herbal Answer for all your Health Needs! How the "Live" RAW Aloe Vera Plant goes beyond digestive and elimination health to feed the very mechanisms of unfolding health in every cell throughout our bodies! Why it is ONLY the "Live" RAW whole Aloe Plant that will demonstrate ALL of the astounding research on Aloe Vera's immune enhancing properties! Why we’re just NOW finding out why aloe’s legendary promise is finally available to truly support YOUR Health. Experience the Full-Life-Force of Aloe as Originally Designed by Nature. Our Bio-Protective™ processing protects Aloe's intricately woven constituents and structure needed to feed the cells, tissues and organs of our bodies as only a RAW, "live," whole food can.We invite you to explore the Truths and Full Promise of the Aloe Vera Plant to Inspire your Desire to Experience Nature’s Gift to Feed Your Body’s Health!

Herbal Answers, Inc. Bio-Protective Processing™ Guarantee

Herbal Answer’s unique, new, RAW, Bio-Protective® processing technique protects, captures and delivers the Full Life Force of our Aloe and herbs and is guaranteed to maximize the potency, purity, biological activity and effectiveness of our RAW AloeForce products.

• The Aloe Barbadensis Miller plant is the only variety of Aloe used in all of our products.

• The leaves are stabilized within 2-4 hours after being harvested.

• Our RAW Bio-Protected® Aloe is completely purified (from bacteria, mold, fungus, etc and aloin), in our FDA regulated facility, without using any heat whatsoever (no applied heat, zero heat) at any time from field to bottle during processing and purification. Our processing facility is fully licensed and regulated by the FDA. Each batch of our Aloe is tested for quality and purity. Even though our Aloe is NOT “pasteurized” with heat or flash heated, it is purified and far surpasses the FDA’s regulated standards for purity. This process, never using any applied heat, protects the design and Full Life Force of the Aloe, making it uniquely biologically active complete with enzymes, and the full range of all its polysaccharides and other naturally occurring constituents protected, intact and maximized.

• NO LAXATIVE PROPERTIES. The aloin and aloe emodins are carefully removed from the entire plant (both leaf and gel) to less than 1ppm by our proprietary process without any damaging filtering.

• MAXIMUM POTENCY. We use the whole Aloe Vera leaf. Research indicated the nutrients are manufactured and stored in the skin of the leaf (released to the gel only as needed) making it from 4 to 8 times more potent than the gel itself. Our proprietary process to completely remove the aloin without cutting it away from the leaf, without any damaging filtering, enables u to use the entire Aloe plant purifying it while also yielding the maximum potency.

• BIO-PROTECTIVE ALOE-HERBAL EXTRACTION. Our unique herbal extraction process uses the Aloe as the extracting agent and actually incorporates the herbs directly into and within the Aloe. No heat, alcohol, or other solvents are used in this process. This special herbal delivery system is uniquely powerful, safe and effective.

• NATURAL PROPORTIONS. No water is ever added or removed. Our Aloe is never concentrated or dried. Its natural proportions and Nature’s original designs are protected, unbroken and always maintained. This yields the most biologically active and potent Aloe possible as designed by Nature.

• THE PLANTS’ ORGANIC NUTRIENTS ARE MAXIMIZED. The Aloe is organically raised; the herbs are raised organically or are wild crafted. Our Bio-Protective® process then preserves the Full Life MUCOPOLYSACCHARIDES (Beta-Glucomannans).

Dr. Jeri L. Heyman PhD

President, Herbal Answers, Inc.