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We offer two formulations of AloeForce - Pure and Herbal Juices:

The Pure AloeForce is purely aloe. It is our specially processed, whole leaf, 100% raw-purified (safe for all and unlimited uses) all-purpose, fully potent, structured, live- aloe. More ‘plant’ than ‘product’ - our Pure AloeForce is never heated or frozen and never diluted or concentrated or dried. It is liquified, rind and inner gel (more potent, ‘whole leaf’) aloe barbadensis miller plant purified with our unique breakthrough purification that removes ALL the toxins and impurities without damaging the structure of the aloe itself. This aloin, latex, decolorization purification  process leaves us with the only aloe guaranteed to be contraindication free with unlimited usage for all ages, types and issues (and supports & complements all eating and health regimens) that can be taken internally daily even in high amounts if desired. Liquified, Raw - Purified™ aloe - pure and simple!

Our Herbal AloeForce liquid is 98% Pure AloeForce with 2% of the product being the aloe-extracted herbal formulation. This special herbal extraction process is possible because the aloe is in its whole, structured, raw, unbroken form! It turns out that this aloe-extraction process (not heated, no alcohol) brings in more of the active ingredients and less toxins from the dried herbs making them more potent, more absorbable (better ‘delivered’) and more gently and easily tolerated than other ‘concentrated’, heat extracted herbs. The ‘Essiac’ (4 of the herbs) are ounce for ounce equivalent to and ounce of Essiac tea and is more convenient, more potent, better absorbed  and supported by the AloeForce being the biological vehicle. The Essiac herbs are known for their profound oxygenating properties for a healthy  inner environment and support for the immune system. The other herbs are all broad range, adaptogenic & safe for daily use and are included to enhance the AloeForce’s immune support and empowerment. 

The Herbal AloeForce is recommended when added immune empowerment is desired. 

The Pure AloeForce is available for those who prefer the purity of the Pure AloeForce. 

Both are great choices for daily and therapeutic usage powerfully delivering all the living aloe plant has to offer (both with only good side effects). Both the Pure and the Herbal AloeForce have  no contraindications or interference and can be used safely to support and complement all eating regimens, health regimens and treatments. You can try one of each, mix them, or enjoy them separately based on your individual preferences and needs.

The AloeForce Herbal Skin Gel is 96% AloeForce with the Herbal blend of the juice including the aloe-extracted essiac herbs, but also adds ionic colloidal silver, green tea, and hyaluronic acid (in the more absorbable sodium Hyaluronate form) to provide enhanced first aid moisturizing, and skin care benefits. The addition of these ingredients helps to soothe, hydrate and naturally exfoliate  the skin, while also providing anti-inflammatory regenerating, and anti-aging properties. It absorbs completely and is not sticky. The Skin Gel delivers the all-purpose AloeForce from the outside in and is safe to use anywhere and everywhere for everything!

The AloeForce Mistifier Spray, on the other hand, 96% Pure AloeForce and is formulated with added MSM and special apple amino acids (proteins). MSM is a natural sulfur compound that is beneficial for joints, skin, and hair health, while apple amino acids help to further nourish and strengthen the skin. The Mist also contains Hyaluronic acid and NaPCA for added moisturizing. The Mist is a lighter application of the AloeForce that can easily cover a larger area. It absorbs in and dries very quickly. 

Both products offer the benefits of raw and purified AloeForce Aloe Vera and can be used before, after or with any skin care regimen. The choice between the Skin Gel and the Mistifier Spray ultimately comes down to personal preference in application. The mistifier spray is particularly convenient for hard-to-reach areas, as it can be easily sprayed onto the skin for a quick and convenient application (keep with you for after sun cooling and protection!). The Gel is a thicker and more therapeutic all-purpose application of the AloeForce and its herbs and silver (great for face and hair ‘masks’, ‘butt’ gel, and as a great water based lubricant and 1,000 other uses!)

The beauty of our unique AloeForce purification process is that it is completely purified (without breaking it down like the other aloes). Its purity and potency are very stable as long as the unopened AloeForce products are stored at room temperature. On the bottom of the bottles is a stamp indicating a suggested ‘best by’ date of 2 years from manufacturing. This is a legal guideline and not an ‘expiration date’ and does not reflect the testing that shows a much longer ‘shelf life’. Once opened, if stored at room temperature, the juices have a shelf life of 5-7 days. If opened and refrigerated when not in use, the opened bottle of juices are best to be used within one year after opening. 

There is no set expiration date for the Herbal AloeForce Skin Gel or the Pure AloeForce Mistifier Spray. They should both be stored unopened at room temperature. As a usage guideline, it is recommended to use within 1 year after opening. (However, the gel and Mist have been known to remain pure & potent for over 5+ years. To maintain their purity it's important to keep the tops closed when not in use (the cap on the Mist also keeps the sprayer clear) and to avoid introducing dirty fingers into the gel. If the gel is frequently exposed to open air or contaminated by fingers, it is recommended to use within the 1 year timeframe.

Both products have a long shelf life, making them a convenient and long-lasting addition to your health and wellness routine. (and it is great to have several bottles in various places for various usage and reminders!).

AloeForce is a completely purified form of raw aloe vera, free of any and all contraindications for aloe use and does not interfere with other medications, supplements, eating regimens, health regiments or treatments. In fact, AloeForce can be used to enhance all other health regimens. This is not the case with other Aloe Vera products or even the live plant, as they both still contain the plant’s immune suppressing, irritant toxins. So all our information only applies to our specially purified AloeForce products.  The purified form of raw aloe in AloeForce products has a safety profile similar to water, making it safe for daily use and suitable for people of all ages and health conditions even in high amounts if desired. 

However, it is always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before starting or adding any new supplement or health regimen.

Yes, AloeForce can be used by people of all ages, including infants, kids, teens, the elderly, and even pets.

Our products are made from 100% RAW-Purified organic aloe, making AloeForce safe for everyone to use, regardless of age or health status. Our products are free of harmful laxatives, toxins, chemicals and additives, and are formulated to support the health and wellness of your entire family. Whether you're looking for a way to soothe your gut, support the regeneration of your microbiome, empower your immune system, soothe and nurture your skin, or promote overall optimal health, vitality and wellness - ‘live’ Aloe delivers the fuels for all the cells and systems of our bodies own health generating systems.


No, there are only positive side effects associated with using AloeForce. Unlike other aloe products on the market that contain various amounts of toxins and laxatives, AloeForce is the only one guaranteed to be 100% purified of any contraindications, making it safe and effective for all ages, body types, Ayurvedic types, blood types, issues, conditions and safe to be used with any and all other supplementation and medical treatments.  

Because our Aloe is RAW and intact, it will naturally fuel your body’s own cleansing, purification and detoxification support. So all ‘side effects’ from AloeForce are ‘good’ side effects which may include some noticeable ‘detox’ which you can slow down by lowering your usage amounts if desired.

It is recommended to start with a lower amount and gradually increase usage to allow the body to cleanse at a comfortable pace. Some people may experience "cleansing symptoms" such as mucous breakdown, excess gas, diarrhea, or feeling "off", but these are actually a sign of the body naturally breaking down and eliminating waste. Any eliminations during the ramp-up period are from the cleansing process and not from the presence of laxative properties, which have been removed during purification

Drinking plenty of water and/or lowering the amount (at any one time) of the AloeForce you consume can help slow down the detox process to fit your needs, cleansing pace and comfort level. Just remember that these ‘symptoms’ are not caused by AloeForce, but rather the result of the body's natural cleansing processes.


We have a page dedicated to usage here:


The PH of the AloeForce liquid is slightly acidic ranging 3.6 - 4.1. And it is alkalizing to the body (like lemons and apple cider vinegar) and soothing to the gut. With all its anti-inflammatory/soothing properties it does not act like an acidic food on the gut linings. In fact, the ‘fuels’ in AloeForce empower our macrophages, our main immune cells that control ph balance throughout the entire body.

Our organic Aloe barbadensis miller leaves are grown, harvested and stabilized on a certified organic farm (independent family farm/fair trade) in Mexico near the Texas border.

The Aloe is then trucked (refrigerated) up to our manufacturing facility in Texas where it is first tested (as all incoming herbs are in an FDA regulated facility with Good Manufacturing Practices) and then the liquified rind and inner gel are purified completely (without any heat) with our unique 'pasteurization equivalent' proprietary process (sanctioned by the FDA, verified by the International Aloe Science Council) and then is re-tested under FDA guidelines by our lab and a third party independent lab (for purity and ingredients) and then bottled. This is all done in our FDA regulated facility here in the USA in Texas.

We run our company from Saratoga Springs, NY but our organic Aloe is produced and shipped from Texas.

The Difference is in the Processing: AloeForce stands apart from other aloe products on the market due to our unique processing methods making it uniquely pure and potent. Unlike other aloe products that are ‘broken by processing’, the aloe in AloeForce is specially processed to protect the naturally occurring structures of the plant and is ‘bio-protected’ and ‘raw-purified’. The life of the aloe is protected as no heat is used during processing. This keeps the structure of the live plant ‘intact’ which is crucial to deliver all the plant has to offer as the intact aloe has the greatest ‘impact’ including its powerful enzymes! The AloeForce is more potent than other aloes as we liquify both the rind and inner gel of the Aloe Barbadensis Miller plant (rind has 8-10x more aloe fuels and hyaluronic acid). And AloeForce is the only aloe guaranteed to be purified without any heat (100% raw) and to be completely purified from all the plant's irritant toxins. AloeForce is organic, liquified, whole leaf aloe that is never heated, diluted, concentrated, dried - retaining Nature’s own design and life-force-full structures remaining intact. 

This produces maximum potency and effectiveness of the aloe plant's immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative properties.  The special processing that removes all toxins, laxatives and contraindications that apply to most aloe products (and the live plant itself) makes our AloeForce the only aloe processed to be safe for daily use and therapeutic for the whole family (babies and pets included).

Additionally, Herbal AloeForce products contain AloeForce Extracted Herbs, making them even more pure and potent.

With a focus on small batch, hand crafted production in an FDA regulated, GMP certified facility, AloeForce is dedicated to delivering the full promise of nature's aloe plant purified in a way that no other aloe product can.

So AloeForce is different from all other aloe products in its purity and safety for all ages and types and situations with unlimited uses and can be used daily even in therapeutic amounts. By completely removing all aloe’s impurities,  without damaging the plant’s structure, we remove all the contraindications and limitations for aloe usage and effectiveness.

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